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Do you have an interesting article or idea on social impact/ sustainability? Write for us today for a chance to be published on the SDG Factory and become a regular contributor!

What Are We looking for?

-Informative articles surrounding social impact/ sustainability issues in Africa. We are looking for in-depth/ well-researched articles on social entrepreneurship, gender equality, climate change, education, and human rights.

-Stories of resilience that feature an individual or non-profit overcoming a challenge in order to create positive change.

-Articles on the activities of grassroots NGOs or non-profits that are making positive impact.

-Interviews featuring foremost advocates of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Guidelines to Write for Us

  1. Submit your work by filling out all fields below.
  2. Except when solicited, we do not accept submissions that have been published elsewhere.
  3. Suggested word count: between 800 to 2000 words.
  4. Always include a short bio. You will be asked to send a photograph of yourself if your article is selected for publication.
  5. Once you submit to the system, know that we will receive your submission. Because of this, we usually do not acknowledge reception unless emailed separately.
  6. Here are some of the reasons why we might turn down a submission: poor grammar, poor punctuation, poor use of tenses, plagiarism.
  7. Be advised that we will edit your work and sometimes change the title, and if we consider the latter, we will inform you.
  8. You retain the copyright to your work. However, we do require that you credit SDG Factory as the original publisher of the work.
  9. Except on rare occasions, we do not remove pieces that have been published on our site.
  10. You will only be notified if/ when your article is published.
  11. Further inquiries, including official contacts from publishers and editors, could be sent to info@sdgfactory.com.

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