Bodgaun, a Village of Hope

Read about the amazing work of Jay Nepal International, a non-profit organization that helped rebuild a community almost lost to an earthquake.

Bodgaun, a village in central Nepal, is a home for more than 300 fishermen. The place is located 75 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. The place was like normal villages before the earthquake completely destroyed the village and many lives. The village was completely changed after the earthquake. People lost their houses and almost all the infrastructures including road and school.

After this incidence Jay Nepal International ( a volunteer based organization) took the responsibility to bring change in the village. As these people are poor, illiterate and mostly affected by the habit of drinking alcohol (local alcohol made from maize), they were completely neutral towards the change in the village. The women were only the one who look after the family, agriculture and almost every works.

Program in Reconstructed School

We started a rebuilding campaign, reconstructing all the houses for 3 months. After the people had houses to live in we started to repair the school of the village. We added a library, playing equipment, new teachers and small things that aid to the quality education. Volunteers took classes every week to teach students about different extracurricular activities and also mass speaking.

School Construction

After the school construction was over we started to build a hospital for the local people. Parallel to other projects, agriculture projects were also launched. We started with vegetable cultivation with the IPM approach for insect pest management and utilization of the locally available herbs and wastes for formulation of bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticide to sustain the quality and quantity of the produce.

Medical Construction

Slowly the village is moving towards complete organic farming. Currently the farmers are also supporting us to bring about change. Due to our frequent awareness programs and alternatives for the farmers for sustained income generation the farmers are now getting involved in agriculture and other business activities.

Currently, most of the farmers are involved in the cultivation of mushroom (Pleurotes sajor-kaju) by utilizing the agricultural by-products like straw of rice and wheat as substrate for mushroom cultivation. The village is moving towards sustainability and prosperity with uniform velocity. We are also planning to develop many income generative projects for the farmers and improve their economy. We are marching towards our goal of making Bodgaun, a model village of Nepal.

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About the Author:

Navaraj Upadhyaya is an agriculturist. He graduated from IAAS, Tribhuwan University, Nepal. Currently, he is an executive board member of Jay Nepal International , a NGO working in Sindhupalchowk district of Nepal. He has a dream to visit different countries and help the poor people by providing knowledge on precision farming and farming with appropriate technologies. E-mail:

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