Mission Statement

SDG Factory is a digital media platform for writing centered on social impact, development and sustainability in Africa.

Vision Statement

A world where the Sustainable Development Goals are fully accomplished.


Adaora Okoye is the managing editor of SDG Factory. She discovered her love for the development sector at an early age and hasn’t looked back since. She is a former UNICEF Voices of Youth blogging intern and TUNZA Eco-generation ambassador.

She is a social impact freelance writer who loves helping development-focused individuals, media brands, non-profits and companies create quality content to communicate effectively with their target audience. Her areas of expertise include gender equality, education, climate change and social justice. Her services include article and content writing as well as editing.

SDG Factory is the virtual space she created to shine a light on social impact and sustainability matters in Africa. You can find her podcast, Adaora Talks, where she tackles pressing development issues with Africa’s industry leaders here.

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